Mission Statement (570)

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Barton’s Place is dedicated to providing ongoing training to employed staff members in order to provide the supports needed to establish a quality of life, to advocate for individual rights, liberties, and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to attain a good life based on their view and choices.

Our Commitment
  • Individuals and families will be included in the development of Individual Support Plans.
  • Individuals will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To provide training and support to maximize skill potential for community-based living.
  • To empower the individual to gain access to health/medical information and provide supports in making healthy decisions.
  • To facilitate outside relationships through community integration.
  • Provide skill training in the environment where the individual resides and recreates.
  • Support the individual in developing positive self-esteem and coping strategies for behavioral concerns to improve personal and group relationships and interaction.
  • To empower the individual to realize personal freedom and individual rights.